1:1 Coaching Sessions

1:1 coaching sessions work at a significantly more profound level than normal executive coaching or ‘life coaching’.

We engage a deep dive process to shine a light into all areas of yourself, your most unintegrated and wounded parts, as well as your highest potential and purpose.

We do this in the context of either your professional or personal life, with a natural interconnection.


  • 1:1 Coaching by Zoom video platform or in person
  • Session duration: between 60 and 90 minutes
  • The rhythm of meeting varies to suit you
  • Engagements last anything from six to thirty meetings, or more
I love the depth and the intimacy of this work, whether your primary focus is transforming your leadership or your life. - Nicholas Janni

Holding the space for your deepest unfoldment

We create a relational space of precision, depth and heart that allows us to gradually bring to light the parts of you that you have needed to keep at a distance.


We enquire into whatever core issues lie beneath your concerns. You will find insight into what prevents you from moving forward or from reaching what you seek to achieve. You will open new levels of connection to yourself and to others and you will begin to align more with the creative intelligence that is waiting to unfold in you.

You will very likely go through transformational changes, and you will learn practices to embed these deeply into your life and work.


1:1 coaching topics include
Deepening Presence
Grounding the capacity to be ‚Äėhere and available‚Äô. Bringing mind, body, heart and soul into coherent alignment. Living and experiencing life in more dimensionality. Expanding your perceptual bandwidth
Times of transition
Navigating the challenges of changes in professional or personal circumstance
Emotional connectedness
Restoring the full range of our emotional life, healing the scars of the past, opening our hearts
Becoming friends with ‚Äėunknowing‚Äô as a gateway to birthing new dimensions of ourselves and of life. Navigating what can feel like a 'wasteland
Alignment and calling
Remembering our purpose. Exploring our most meaningful contribution. Learning to become receptive to higher levels of insight and innovation
Relational intelligence
Refining our capacity to listen, our ability to attune to people and groups and expanding our capacity for authenticity and intimacy
Mindfulness/meditation guidance
Establishing daily practice, learning transformational tools to employ throughout daily life. Building a relationship with the transpersonal
Ancestral and Collective streams
Each of us carries many layers of ancestral and cultural imprints. We look into both the burdens and the gifts/resources of these imprints

“As I lead my 65,000 employees through a period of transformative change, Nicholas has enabled me to¬†discover new¬†sources of personal and¬†professional¬†bandwidth¬†and¬†been instrumental in significantly advancing my leadership effectiveness. The bottom line? I¬†could not recommend Nicholas any more highly.”

Eugene Woods President and Chief Executive Officer,  Carolinas HealthCare System

“Nicholas has the rare ability in a coach to enter into a very quiet receptive state, and stay there in full concentration.¬†¬†It is his inner stillness that enables me¬†to know that what I‚Äôm investigating is landing at a deep level. And then he comes up with THE key question or insight that shifts my entire perspective…”

Dr. S. Elworthy author of The Business Plan for Peace, co-founder Rising Women Rising World, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee 

Nicholas’s insightful and sensitive coaching has enabled me and my ex-wife to work together as a team in a way I didn’t think would be possible.

Dr Luke Maddocks GP

You have a trustworthy guide in Nicholas. His ability to attune to the nuance of my inner experience was profound and awakened aspects of myself I didn’t even know were there. This has opened new possibilities for me in my professional life.

Elle McSharry M.Ed.

Nicholas holds a space so spaciously that creativity, clarity and confidence are all effortlessly born and expressed. His work has impacted and deepened my personal and professional life. Thank you so much Nicholas for the gift of presence that you bring.

Bev Erlich Coach