Change Maker

Making the World a Better Place

I have always been passionately committed to contributing to the world, whether through the arts, through leadership development, or programmes with societal and/or personal impact. I believe we are at a critical time where our technological evolution has far outstripped our moral, emotional and spiritual development, and that this has potentially grave consequences.

My calling is to facilitate journeys of:


RECOGNITION – Seeing, articulating and aligning with the precise composition and energetic/emotional layers of people and situations,  including and beyond all the stories and interpretations we easily distract ourselves with.

INTEGRATION – Holding the space to connect with and feel what has not been possible to feel before, thus integrating previously frozen layers of emotion and energy, including intergenerational and collective layers.

RESTORATION – Recovery of our deepest experience of Belonging, of authentic relational capacity and of connectedness to all levels of life. Liberating the highest levels of intelligence and Wisdom. Aligning with purpose and expression.

If you are navigating a change in your life or organization, I am a changemaker and I can help you with workshops, keynote speeches and training programmes. I am available as a consultant and coach. I have led ongoing programmes for the integration of collective and ancestral trauma in the UK, US, Israel, Lebanon and Palestine.

Contact me to discuss bringing this work to your organisation/team/location.

There are infinite possibilities of where we can go when we choose to actively consider, collaborate  and participate in the changes that are happening all around us.

Changemakers see a problem and are able to shape it into a vision and then create an action-oriented path forward. Changemakers ask the right questions, connect the dots, form the relationships, understand the impacts of making a change and the consequences of not. Changemakers have an understanding of what happens in the body and brain as people go through change; what motivates people, the different approaches, processes and personalities to learning, communicating and driving change.

Intentional change has always been critical and continues to be now. We have the opportunity to innovate, to create, to move forward with purpose, to create new socially and environmentally conscious solutions, to thrive, as a global community and also as individuals. We need more and more groups and communities devoted to nurturing this opportunity.

There is not a shortage of resources on the planet, there is a shortage of Consciousness

Thomas Hübl


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