Leadership Presence

The VUCA world that we are all navigating is bringing new complexities and challenges. To meet these successfully requires us to update our inner and outer operating systems.

This transformational work enables individuals and teams to build high levels of resilience, connectedness and multi-level intelligence.


  • Re-frame the mindsets needed to navigate the challenges of the VUCA environment
  • Embody the integration of right and left brain capacities, Being and Doing and pro-active and receptive modalities
  • Create leaders and teams that are founded on higher levels of connectedness, flow, energy and innovation
  • Embedding the practical gateways to peak performance, individual and group.
Reveal and embed the theoretical and practical gateways to peak performance -

Peak Performance - Individuals & Teams

Most leaders and most teams are operating at a greatly reduced level of capacity, and have forgotten that this is so because from an early age we are so conditioned into a narrow bandwidth of perception and thinking. This bandwidth is dominated by our linear, rational mind, and is largely detached from our bodies as well as from feeling, sensing and intuiting, and from deeper levels of listening and connecting.

This means that most organisations are navigating the ever more complex VUCA world as if with one hand tied behind their back. This brings ever higher levels of stress, and more importantly, compromises the potential of high performance and higher insight/innovation.

This programme has been delivering transformational leadership development to leaders and teams worldwide for over fifteen years.

Working theoretically & experientially
Somatic work
A series of simple breathing and grounding exercises that bring the nervous system into a more balanced state, and bring us back to the experience of being connected to our body, and a melting of the mind/body split that underpins our narrow bandwidths. These exercises bring new experiences and also give participants practical and effective Presence techniques to use on a daily basis.
Emotional work
Re-writing the ingrained beliefs that some emotions are ‘negative’ or ‘weak’. Building the capacity and safety to enable an appropriate welcoming of our emotional life and harvesting the energy and connectedness that we lose by not doing so. Discovering how much this deepens team performance and opens the ground for innovative thinking.
Understanding why this has become so widespread, why paying attention much more consciously is such a transformative resource. Introducing simple and powerful exercises that can be used throughout the day.
Greatly expanding our experience of what it means to really listen....what it means to receive a person, a group or a situation with our whole self, rather than through cognitive function alone. Deepening our relational capacity, and our ability to attune to people and scenarios through much more than our rationality.
Understanding and cultivating the ground for ‘the idea came to me’. Bringing higher levels of thinking, innovating and group intelligence. Finding a new balance of ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’ – the essential key to Peak Performance.
The Fire of Purpose
Exploring our deepest sense of purpose and contribution. Charting how this sits in our life now and in the past, and how much of our life is currently aligned with this fire

Nicholas’s work epitomises the word transformation. He takes leaders and their organisations to a place where they find a deeper level of performance and contribution. Work with him and expect major positive change in your life and organisation.

Dr. Andrew White Associate Dean for Executive Education, University of Oxford Said Business School

I’ve asked Nicholas to teach in every major leadership development program I run at the IMD Business School and elsewhere. Why? Because I’ve never seen anyone have a more sustainable, transformational impact on leaders than he does. He’s simply the best.

Michael Watkins Author of The First 90 Days and Professor of Leadership at IMD