Women’s Leadership in The 21st Century

Women’s Leadership in the 21st Century

Developed by Dr. Scilla Elworthy and Nicholas Janni

Through dialogue, inspirational stories, small group work and experiential exercises, we will address the following topics:

  • Embodied presence at the core of your leadership
  • Understanding the perceptions/barriers that cause the glass ceiling in your company
  • Re-balancing Yin and Yang principles in your leadership
  • The nature and the powers of the deep feminine principle
  • Using your core attributes as a woman to leverage change
We integrate the inner depth of the timeless wisdom traditions with the outer impact of cutting-edge social change initiatives. - Scilla & Nicholas

Presence, Power & Vision


This is a unique opportunity to work with two people who between them have over sixty years’ experience of transformational work at the highest levels of the corporate, civil, NGO and political sectors worldwide, and who are passionately committed to helping women leaders achieve maximum effectiveness.


Discover new levels of the power of your own presence.
Embody an integration of pro-active and receptive capacities.
Build an understanding of the qualities of a female agent of transformation.
Clarify helpful and unhelpful leadership behaviours.
Commit to a vision aligned with your deepest sense of purpose and integrity.
Learn the mind/body practices that will integrate and sustain the learning in your professional field.

Nicholas brings a rare tenderness, precision and humility to his work with individuals and groups. His recognition of the healing journey that many woman are on and his honouring of the feminine principle in both women and men, are both moving and inspiring.

Joey Walters Founder, Awakening Feminine Leaders

“I run think tanks for CEO’s and business owners in Manhattan who want to develop their leadership. My members are ‘movers and shakers’ who demand value from every meeting. I invited Nicholas to speak at two retreats. They reported ‘”it was our best retreat ever” and many of them are still talking about it…”

Mark Taylor Master Chair, Vistage International

I’ve asked Nicholas to teach in every major leadership development program I run at the IMD Business School and elsewhere. Why? Because I’ve never seen anyone have a more sustainable, transformational impact on leaders than he does. He’s simply the best.

Michael Watkins Author of The First 90 Days and Professor of Leadership at IMD