Founding a Family

I met my first wife at a Reiki weekend in London in 1990 (well, there was no Tinder then)

We lived together in London, then Wiltshire, then Oxfordshire. Although in the end things did not work out between us and we finally separated after nine years, we had two beautiful children, Leila Juliana and Gabriel Giuseppe.

In 1999 I went to co-lead an intensive 5 day retreat in Israel, little knowing how completely this would change my life. My soon to be new partner Hadassa Degani, an eighth generation Israeli, was a participant.

She says she knew instantly that we were going to be together. It took me a bit longer, but when I got it, I got it.

The retreat culminated in a 28 hour grief ritual in the desert, during which I drummed for 20 hours. When she saw that, she probably realised I might be able to handle her energy.

We married in 2004 with a sacred ceremony in Israel at the site of the Sermon of the Beatitudes by Lake Galilee, conducted by dear friend William Ayot, followed by a legal wedding in the UK.

Much of our relationship has been ‘long-distance’, with me based in the UK, and she in Israel.

We now have our very first house together – in Puglia, South Italy. Well, we took it slowly…

Marriage to Hadassa also brought a wonderful step-daughter Gabriella, close in age to Leila.

And while there have been natural tensions in this new configuration, we have moved gradually into a rich appreciation of being a multi-cultural 5.