Keynote speech topics
• Understanding multi-level Presence • Integration of Being and Doing • Embodiment • Expanding our perceptual bandwidth and our listening capacity • Deepening our connection to self and the world • Aligning with life purpose
• The creativity cycle • “The idea came to me” – innovation as fresh and new • Building the ground of receptivity • Learning to tolerate ‘unknowing’ • Distinguishing the time to gestate, the time to act • Accessing higher levels of intelligence, individual and group
• Re-writing the idea of positive and negative emotion • Understanding the emotional composition of the human being • Regulation functions • Fear does not block me, what blocks me is that I do not allow myself to feel fear • Creating safe and precise relational spaces • Accessing the life energy within repressed emotions
• What is Mindfulness • Why it has become so widespread • Building a daily meditation practice • Simple transformational tools to employ throughout the day • The black letters and the empty page • “Sometimes the truth depends upon a walk around the lake” – Wallace Stevens
• Presence • Creating Connection and energy • Alignment with values • Alignment with purpose • Creating the safety that allows for more authentic communication • Team innovation capacity
• Understanding the nature of trauma • The societal effects of unintegrated trauma • “Hurts are carried down through generations until someone is ready to feel them…” • Restoring our individual and collective nervous systems • Building a group’s capacity to bring Light to the darkest areas of life • The importance of a spiritual practice

Gain a new understanding of the multi-level composition of the human being, and the quality of Presence

“Nicholas Janni is a world-class speaker, coach and workshop conductor with tremendous insight and compassion. He has the unique ability to pinpoint issues or beliefs and take you to the depths of your heart and soul. I give him my highest endorsement.”

Marcia Wieder CEO, Dream University and best selling author

“Nicholas Janni is quite exceptional as a man leading transformational work at this time in the world. As a trusted colleague he is simply a joy to work with – because he has developed the capacity to focus and listen so intently, and with such perception, that profound change takes place. When he works with parties in conflict, they can begin to understand the feelings of the ‘other’, moving from the head to the heart. Supporting corporate clients, he can enable shifts in the level of consciousness in an entire room. This is transformational skill at the highest and most sophisticated level.”

Dr. Scilla Elworthy Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Author, Societal & Political Change Maker

“I run think tanks for CEO’s and business owners in Manhattan who want to develop their leadership. My members are ‘movers and shakers’ who demand value from every meeting. I invited Nicholas to speak at two retreats. They reported ‘”it was our best retreat ever” and many of them are still talking about it…”

Mark Taylor Master Chair, Vistage International

Nicholas’s work epitomises the word transformation. He takes leaders and their organisations to a place where they find a deeper level of performance and contribution. Work with him and expect major positive change in your life and organisation.

Dr. Andrew White Associate Dean for Executive Education, University of Oxford Said Business School
Bridging the worlds of personal, professional and spiritual development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way
for Chief Executives - Leadership teams - Changemakers
Who enjoys listening to Nicholas
  • Keynotes to audiences of 50-5000
  • Duration: 20-120 minutes
  • Integrated Q&A, time permitting
  • Experiential exercises, time permitting
Activating our highest possibilities.. - - Nicholas Janni