“I’ve asked Nicholas to teach in every major leadership development program I run at the IMD Business School and elsewhere. Why? Because I’ve never seen anyone have a more sustainable, transformational impact on leaders than he does. He’s simply the best.”

– Michael Watkins, author “The First 90 Days”

Nicholas Janni is a world-class speaker, coach and workshop conductor

Marcia Wieder
CEO, Dream University and best selling author

Nicholas Janni is a world-class speaker, coach and workshop conductor with tremendous insight and compassion. He has the unique ability to pinpoint issues or beliefs and take you to the depths of your heart and soul. I give him my highest endorsement.

I invited Nicholas to speak at two CEO retreats. They reported ‘”it was our best retreat ever” and many of them are still talking about it…

Mark Taylor
Master Chair, Vistage International

I run think tanks for CEO’s and business owners in Manhattan who want to develop their leadership. My members are ‘movers and shakers’ who demand value from every meeting. I invited Nicholas to speak at two retreats. They reported ‘”it was our best retreat ever” and many of them are still talking about it…

He can enable shifts in the level of consciousness in an entire room

Dr Scilla Elworthy
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Author, Societal & Political Change Maker

Nicholas Janni is quite exceptional as a man leading transformational work at this time in the world. As a trusted colleague he is simply a joy to work with – because he has developed the capacity to focus and listen so intently, and with such perception, that profound change takes place. When he works with parties in conflict, they can begin to understand the feelings of the ‘other’, moving from the head to the heart. Supporting corporate clients, he can enable shifts in the level of consciousness in an entire room. This is transformational skill at the highest and most sophisticated level.

Nicholas’s work epitomises the word transformation

Dr Andrew White
Associate Dean for Executive Education, University of Oxford Said Business School

He takes leaders and their organisations to a place where they find a deeper level of performance and contribution. Work with him and expect major positive change in your life and organisation.

The new leadership model

Topics I talk about

There is a new consciousness emerging in the world in general, and in the corporate world in particular. Our old paradigms, dominated by linear thinking and a narrow bandwidth of perception, are no longer fit for purpose in the face of the complexities and global challenges we are facing.

I speak about the theoretical and practical nature of this consciousness – bridging the worlds of personal professional, creative and spiritual development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way



Leader as Healer – a new paradigm

  • Recognising how much we have normalised limited mindsets
  • Bringing all of ourselves to the table
  • Physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and transpersonal
  • Integrating Doing and Being, right brain and left brain
  • The real meaning and practice of emotional intelligence
  • Building cultures of innovation

The Power of Presence

From a culture of ‘absence’ to a culture of Presence

  • ‘I am here, and I am avaialble’
  • Embodiment
  • Expanding our perceptual bandwidth and our listening capacity
  • Deepening our connection to self and the world
  • Aligning with life and organisational purpose

Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Why these are essential resources and why they are so widely used
  • The neuroscience of meditation
  • Building a daily meditation practice
  • Simple transformational tools to employ throughout the day
  • The principle of perceiving the black letters and the white page of a book, simultaneously

Intergenerational and Collective Trauma Integration

  • Understanding the nature of trauma
  • The societal effects of unintegrated trauma
  • “Hurts are carried down through generations until someone is ready to feel them…”
  • Restoring our individual and collective nervous systems
  • Building a group’s capacity to bring Light to the darkest areas of life
  • The importance of a spiritual practice

A sample of my talks

Leader as Healer

Why Meditation-Mindfulness are essential practices

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

For booking inquiries
  • Keynotes to audiences of 50-5000
  • Duration: 20-120 minutes
  • Integrated Q&A, time permitting
  • Experiential exercises, time permitting

Purpose – the essence of who we are

Living a Life of Purpose

The Leader as Healer understands that purpose is lifeblood, and that living a life of contribution is the only path to meaning and satisfaction, to a life ‘well-lived’. And, they are willing to ask two central questions:

What is the work that is mine to do?
What is it that is being asked of me?

And to create cultures that engage the question:
What is it that is being asked of us?

In such cultures, profit, well-being, and contribution are naturally and inevitably interlinked

Embracing a larger Field of Intelligence

Mindfulness and Meditation

The Leader as Healer knows that Mindfulness and Meditation are essential resources, whose impact in multiple fields is now well-documented and supported by neuroscience.

S/he is committed to creating a culture in which time for deep contemplation can be honoured, without having to leave the world. And that such tine is the foundation of creativity and innovation.

They generate the kind of leadership and organization that emerges when our tidy, individualistic identities become less rigid, and we are able to embrace a larger field of connectedness, a deeper sense of purpose, and a natural instinct for stewardship and service.

The gateway to the highest levels of performance

The Power of Presence

The Leader as Healer prioritises reunification with the body. They understand that embodiment ignites an experience of aliveness, creates space and availability for others, and reaffirms our connection to the world. This generates a sense of grounded presence, a quality that says, “I am here, and I am available.” Other people can sense it, and because they do, it increases shared presence and connection.

Furthermore, the cultivation of embodiment enhances our senses, reminding us that our bodies pick up subtle signals and signs, deepen our intuition, and are a storehouse of wisdom and insight.